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To achieve their full potential, students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom and to be a part of a variety of co scholastic activities.

Students will find a mix of activities on offer. If they choose to take part in sports, it can be as part of the Dr. BVP (CBSE) School teams, representing the school, or it can be just for fun in a range of different team and individual sports. The arts are well represented, including opportunities to dance, paint, draw, learn digital photography, sing in the choir, and play in the orchestra and various ensembles. If they want a more cerebral challenge, they’ll be able to improve their chess, develop languages further, join a science club, Math club, Eco Club or take part in the Language club. The precise mix of activities varies from term to term, but they’ll find plenty to broaden their minds and develop their skills.

Clubs and activities will offer opportunities for them to take on new challenges, work with different people, and develop their confidence and self-esteem through what they achieve. Our after summer outbound trips encourages adventure, independence, perseverance and commitment, and they’ll get a great deal out of it if they are prepared to throw themselves in and get involved.

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Akhegaon Road, Tal-Shevgaon, Ahmednagar, 414502


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